Thursday, 12 November 2015

Natural Law is the Only Real Law

Natural Law codified with the philosophers of Greek Stoicism in the first few centuries BC - The well positioned theory is that there are basic and fundamental dictates to human nature, which are readily ascertained by human reasoning, and do not need legislative enactments or judicial decisions to accredit.  This Law was the moral ground underlying all legal systems throughout the modernizing world up until the 19th C, when Empiricism and Materialism arose.  Logical Positivism became the newest form of rational knowledge, surpassing Natural Law as the basis for constructing new systems of law and order - Man's Law.

The motivating principles of human action are: self preservation and expansion of knowledge and love.  Natural Law is based on Divine Providence - That all humans are directed by the basic awareness of Do No Harm.  The justification of harming another is for self preservation (defense of oneself from another's harm).  The desire for discovery of truth, seeking out beauty, prosperity, happiness, freedom, searching for something higher than self and establishing relationships, for their own sakes, are fundamental human objectives. Obtaining these objectives require actions that should not interfere with anyone else's pursuit of the same. This is where cooperation comes in.  Cooperation is the highest form of obtaining these objectives. Competition automatically causes one to clash with others.  I should not steal something from another because, even though that thing I want is considered good to me, there is harm done to another by taking something away, not being given by consent.

Good is to be done, Evil is to be avoided.  But, who says what is good and what is evil?  With Man's Law, certain actions are considered good on one hand and evil on another - as in the justification of killing members of the human family in the name of war being good, but killing other members of the human family living next door is evil.  Natural Law is a self guiding principle that cannot be overwritten by justifications or ideologies made up by any man.

We have come to a point that every move we want to make needs to be considered, as it may break some bylaw or new legislation.  The hard materialistic and empirical viewpoints have taken us away from inherent Understanding - and the school of thought that there are some human beings of lesser value than others because they are not 'civilized' has created a cage of regulation and governmental edicts. The problem now is that most people don't consider their innate awareness as a guide to being in the world; they look to appointed leaders to tell them what is right and wrong.  This is dangerous for everyone, except those leaders who, for the most part, exempt themselves from their own laws.

There is a dismantling, an untangling from the morass of man made control, that must be done, in order to be released from this jurisdictive cage. The first step is to clear away the cobwebs of our indoctrinated minds, and recognize the veracity of our own beingness - which is to say trusting in our own discernment of good/evil/right/wrong.  The second step is to acknowledge what has actually occurred over the past 200 years - the methodical procedure of legislative authority over us by those in power. The third step is to inform others, so they can start the first step...  After that, it is our duty to go against any imposed authority by living fully in the truth of Natural Law.  Then, the obvious extension is to direct any disputes, when a person's rights, privileges or interests are at stake, to Natural Justice:  Principles of Natural Justice

This whole dismantling is not as overwhelming as it sounds, because we each start from where we are.  There does not need to be any red tape or logistical finagling - No one needs to run down to the court house with "Natural Law Now!" signs, or oppose things for the sake of it already being written law (unless it directly opposes you in a situation).  Just start living in what the seat of your soul knows is right.  Simple.

Note: Some will say "what about all the terrorism, suicide bombings... How are we supposed to deal with that?"  The current state of the world is a direct result, over hundreds of years, of people holding power over others.  We're in the thick of it.  Take care of yourself, your family and those around you at all times.  Peace.

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